2014 contest winners

Congratulations to Team Tran from St Joseph’s Institution International in Singapore, who have been crowned our Spaghetti Machine International Champions for 2014!

From a field of quality entries from 5 different countries, our judges selected Team Tran’s entry for its creative use of different energy transfers, excellent use of repurposed and recycled materials and overall quality design.

This is the second year running that a team from St Joseph’s International Institution have taken out the top honour, so well done to all those involved at SJII! The runner up was a close second from Team Loka at Cita Hati High School, Indonesia.

Equal third were Meatballs another team from Cita Hati, and RICS Candy Apple from Raffles International School Jakarta. Congratulations to our winning team and to all of those who participated in this year’s program. It truly was the best and also biggest competition to date.

We hope to see your schools involved again in 2015!

Overall Winner

Team Tran, St Joseph’s Institution International


Team Loka, Cita Hati High School

Highly Recommended

Meatballs, Cita Hati High School

RICS Candy Apple Raffles International School Jakarta

Fettucine Girls, AIS Indonesia

Rafflesism, Raffles International - Kebon Jeruk

ViseVersa, Stamford International School

Atmos Engineers, AIS Indonesia

Loose Screws, Hwa Chong Institution

Penne, St Joseph's Institution International

Virtually Focussing, Cita Hati High School

Vermicelli, Ekamai International School

Master Minds, HELP International School

Team Cosmos, Bina Bangsa

The Circle Return, Harrow International School Bangkok

The Newtons, BBS Bandung

Kranium Krushers , Stafford International School

4Q, Raffles International School Jakarta

Effulgence, Bina Bangsa

Spaghetti Science, Jakarta International School

Made in Indonesia, Cita Hati High School