The task

The task for 2018 will be announced on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

Here at headquarters we can’t wait to see the videos of your creations!

But before then there’s a lot of activity to get through, including preparing, designing, and building your machines and we’ll be here to assist you and the students in the following ways:

Information and updates

We’ll be in touch with you regularly, advising of deadlines, and other relevant bits and pieces.

Tips & tricks

The contest can actually be a pretty big project for students to take on, and to help them stay motivated and on target over the build time, we’ll be sending information about managing a task of this kind, as well as pointing them towards existing tools, advice, and examples that can help them. We’ll be hosting all this on the contest website, and announcing it via email as it is published.

Remember that we’re always happy to answer your questions as they pop up, so don’t hesitate to contact us: